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Paul Pierce and KG better look the hell out. 

Another example of a black mama you wouldn’t want to mess with…



So what did that angry black mama say to you Paul Pierce?”

I really don’t know, She was just coming to her son; that’s how moms are when they see something happening to their kids.”

So you understand the woman’s actions?

“My mom probably would’ve done the same thing.”

In another version of the same story,



“Kevin Garnett, trailing on the play, tried to calm her and Wally Szczerbiak approached her for a high five, but Gloria James was too angry to pay attention to either.”

I bet she was too angry.  Not only was her baby boy (at ONLY 6’8″ 240) fouled hard by Pierce, but she has KG touching her, who sweat rolls off of faster than a Kenyan in a marathon, and a goofy looking white guy named Wally trying to give her a high five like he is down with the whole hand shaking, slapping, and pounding ritual, that black people have perfected and love. 


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