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I was watching a little “barefoot contessa” the other day when I discovered this gem. While I didn’t watch it long, (Remember. I’m not black.) It did light the proverbial fire inside me, to make my first post in quite some time.  Now back to the post.

Now I don’t have any proof, evidence, research, or qualification of any kind to make the statement I am about to make, … Buuuuut, black people, most certainly, like Down Home With the Nelly’s.  WHITE MOMENT Is it just me, or does that not make any sense. Down – home – with…. what? Is there a black translator out there? I could really use an explanation.

The episode “Walkin’ in Memphis” is the episode I caught. I wasn’t surprised to find out that SOUL food (stuff only us like) was the featured food. The next time I have my one black friend over, I may use this episode to prepare a meal he likes. If you try this yourself, I warn you now, do not watch DHN with out subtitles. Especially if you are trying to take down the recipe. I watch Top Chef, you use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon, and you’ll be packing your knifes and go….ing.

Annnnnddddddddd that’s it, that’s all I got. Just go watch the show and see for yourself.

Ohhh yeah, and the Neely’s have a couch in their yard.  A couch. In the yard.


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